Analyze Current Communications Strategies:

• Communications Audit – Leveraging decades of psychological research and years of experience applying this research, we will examine your current communications strategies, including your companies’ blog, marketing materials, website, social media and emails, from a social values perspective, enabling us to predict which value types you are currently speaking to.

• Customer Zip Code Analysis – Consumers are increasingly choosing their homes based on the values of the communities they want to live in, meaning that zip codes can predict meaningful variance in value orientations.  While not as accurate as an explicit survey, Zenzi can leverage our database of zip code to values mappings to analyze your current client database and suggest the values of your current customers. 

• Customer/Employee Survey – Using our proprietary survey methodologies, we can explicitly survey your customers/employees to determine their primary value affinities.


Identify New Opportunities:

• Opportunities Survey - Using our proprietary survey methodologies, we will survey a broad number of potential customers/employees to determine which value types may resonate with your brand that you may not be reaching currently. 

• Social Graph Analysis – Leveraging social media data from Facebook, Twitter, and Ranker, we can identify the specific likes and interests that you may want to target.  These insights can be leveraged into programmatic online ad purchasing or traditional media partnerships. 


Strategy Proposal:

• Values Communication Strategy – Leveraging years of research on the way that consumers with specific value orientations think, feel, communicate, consume, and share, we can provide a specific action plan for a social values based communications strategy. 

• A-B Testing of Values Messaging – Either using our analytics team or in concert with your in-house analytics staff, we firmly believe in A-B testing variants of specific communications strategies, in order to pinpoint the most effective ways to increase deeper engagement with your consumers and employees.

• Persona Mapping – Create personas to uncover needs and desires at each touch point during the purchase process. Use information to identify ideal potential customers with similar values, attitudes and beliefs.