Freedom Seekers 

• Highly independent

• Concerned with quality and practicality

• Self-guided research before buying

• Least likely to be swayed by advertising


Pleasure Seekers 

• Value fun and excitement

• Not concerned with price, brand loyalty or safety

• Like to stand out from the crowd

• Socially active

Purpose Seekers 

• Compassionate and cooperative

• Eco-conscious

• Research before purchasing

• Like to shop “local”

Security Seekers 

• Prefer safe, practical purchases

• Do a lot of research before purchasing

• Looking for best value for money

• Brand loyal

• Swayed by advertising


• Active on social media

• Tech savvy

• Brand conscious

• Driven by success

• Achievement oriented


Tradition Seekers 

• Family oriented

• Older and politically conservative

• Brand loyal

• Swayed by advertising

• Prefer direct mail