The Social Values Project™ blends cutting-edge psychology, marketing and data science to get to the heart of what motivates people’s behavior. Our proprietary insights tool helps businesses connect with customers and employees on a deeper level using authentic content that speaks to their inner values, needs and desires.

Why is speaking to values important? Values provide a deeper basis for understanding why people feel and behave a certain way, how they make decisions and communicate. They serve as guiding principles for what people find important in their everyday lives.

Over the last few years, we have seen a fundamental shift in what people value. They are increasingly seeking to connect on a deeper level. No longer passive recipients of information, they want to formulate their own ideas of what defines a brand.

47% of consumers report buying something monthly to support a cause, an increase from 32% in 2010 (Edelman).

Values-based segmentation can help companies identify high potential insights earlier & more effectively. It allows us to go beyond historical demographic data to understand “why” people buy, and how to attract ideal customers based on shared attitudes and beliefs. It empowers us to recognize the brand evangelists, more loyal and likely to purchase, share and review.

Tapping into social values insights leads to higher probability of success in marketing and innovation efforts by identifying emerging trends, influencers and opportunities. It give us greater understanding of how customers, employees and other key audiences want to communicate and engage with a company.

As global trends point toward a post-materialist society, we believe leveraging data science can bridge the gap between what we analyze and what people truly care about. The Social Values Project aspires to offer both businesses and consumers an avenue toward mutually fulfilling relationships, resulting in greater prosperity and well-being for current and future generations

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